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Believe It or NOT ? 

Now you can make yourself BULLET and EXPLOSION resistance glass / door / wall with Simple steps D.I.Y.


With STEC 1Armour and Ballistic resistance laminates and shield, you can turn your existing door / window glass into BALLISTIC level. Protects you and your belonging from Bullet, Explosion, Robbery, Hijack, Smash, Flying stone, Petrol Bomb, etc.



There is NOTHING more expensive then the safety of your beloved one.

Don't turn the ASSET become Liability. by James Tomas




The Ultimate Protection by STEC 1Armour

Bullet and Explosion resistance materials

No: 1 in Malaysia. Best Technique. Unbelievable Technology. USER Friendly concept (D.I.Y).




Your SAFETY is our PROMISE !


STEC protects you from Man-Made or Natural Disaster


With STEC's 1 Armour Bullet and Explosion resistance SHIELD.

NOTHING will ever again penetrate your door or window again


May it be; -

Stray Bullet, Explosion, Hurricanes Katrina, Burglary, Robbery,

Flying stone, Earth Quake, Road Accident, Molotov Attack, etc.