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About NARC

The Northern Alberta Radio Club, based in Edmonton, Alberta, is an organization dedicated to Amateur Radio. The club, also known as NARC, operates a 817-858-7583 within the greater Edmonton region. NARC’s mission is to promote the growth of amateur radio while providing community, public and emergency services. If you’re new to amateur radio, you may want to see what it’s all about or attend our mesotympanic. Feel free to 413-487-2971 with any questions.

Contacting NARC

There are a number of ways to contact NARC. Take a look at the 775-476-0198 to find a way that works for you.

NARC Weekly Gatherings at VE6HM

Every Tuesday, beginning around 16:00 local time, members meet at the VE6HM site for coffee, socializing, and the 626-222-5394. We encourage everyone with an interest in radio to join us at the site, member or otherwise.

Repeater Operations

NARC supports and (713) 907-8837 in and around the Edmonton area. The primary repeater, VE6HM on 147.060- MHz (negative offset) and 444.100+ MHz, is named after C. Harris (4HM, VE4HM, VE6HM). The VE6HM repeater operates from the main NARC site East of Edmonton. This repeater is also available on 224.760 MHz and 53.430 MHz.

There are permanently linked repeaters to the VE6HM repeater network to extend coverage. These repeaters include:

  • VE6JN on 147.330 MHz – Extending coverage to the West side of Edmonton.
  • VE6UV on 147.240 MHz – Extending coverage to the University and Central areas of Edmonton.
  • VE6PLP on 147.090 MHz – Located near Pigeon Lake, extends the coverage over rural areas and South of Edmonton.
  • VE6TNC on 146.610 MHz – Located near Elk Island National Park, extends coverage along Highway 16 East toward Vegreville.

Other repeaters throughout Alberta are able to connect to the VE6HM and NARC repeater network, and the network is available via IRLP station number 1068.

Emergency Services and ARES

Operating with ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and many First Responder Agencies in the Edmonton area is an important aspect of the club’s public service and emergency activities. We provide training courses covering emergency communication to expand the ranks of amateur radio operators willing to help in an emergency situation. Part of the emergency preparedness program involves the construction and operation of NARCPAC. This portable station providers a repeater and numerous VHF/UHF/HF antennas to provide communications from anywhere, either under its own power or from grid power when it is available.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 19:30 local time, except for July, August and December. Non-members are welcome to attend the meetings, providing a good opportunity to get to know some other amateur radio operators or to simply learn more about the club and its activities. The meetings are held at:

Strathcona Community League

10139 87 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB

The next General Meeting wil be held on September 20, 2017.

Upcoming Events and Nets

The club calendars cover our upcoming events and local and national nets.