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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), per 25th of May 2018 !

This webportal is exclusively targeted to (potential) customers, contractors, service providers and other business relations of i-Collector BV. The sole purpose of this webportal is to provide a communication platform for and to share i-Collector specific information and knowledge to our target group. This is not a public platform and only registered and approved users can have access to this webportal..For reasons of maximum transparency we underline here some of our main rules & policies.

In case of an approved registration:

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  • At anytime you will be able to revoke your personal account by sending an email to Mr Ashley Pietersen...(see email address below) 

For questions or more information please contact Mr. Ashley Pietersen by email: pietersen [at] i-collector.eu

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Maintenance hours:  every Wednesday, between18:00 - 21: 00 hrs (GMT+1). Note: some of our systems may be down for some moments during this period.


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维护时间:每周三,18:00-21:00(GMT + 1)。 注意:在此期间,我们的某些系统可能会停机一段时间。